A Gift for Beer-Drinking Mamas

Fort George Releases Another Eclectic Brew

Astoria moms, with a taste for craft beer, were treated to a complex taste sensation mother’s day at the Fort George Brewery + Public House. It’s the brewery’s tradition to tap its seasonal brew, Illuminator Dopplebock, on that day. Illuminator is now on draught at the Fort George for everyone to enjoy.

“The Illuminator has more of a tart finish this year and was aged in Heaven Hills Distillery Bourbon Barrels that had 15 year-old bourbon in them,” said Chris Nemlowill of the Fort George.

The name, Illuminator, is meant to reflect the experience one might have drinking this particular beer. Nemlowill describes it as lucid-dark brown in appearance, with an intriguing hint of bourbon, rich, malty, and balanced with the dryness of hops (9% ABV).

Dopplebock is a strong German-style lager, traditionally brewed in the winter, to be consumed in the springtime. The monks of St. Francis of Paula originally brewed this style of beer, calling it Salvator, which means savior. Other German brewers began making the beer, of which there are now about 120, all with the suffix, -ator.

Fort George Brewery + Public House · 1483 Duane Street Astoria, OR 97103
(503) 325-PINT · www.fortgeorgebrewery.com
Beer Lovers!

Spring is here and It has been brought to my attention that the dates that I sent out for the Second Saturday Summer BBQ's are wrong. These are the correct dates and bands for the second Saturday of the month BBQ's .

Saturday, June 13th 2-4pm
Cicada Omega

Saturday, July 11th 2-4pm
Dry County Crooks

Saturday, August 8th 2-4pm
Mad Buffalo

The 'Liberate the Ales' festival will be held on Saturday July 4th, from 3:30 until the fireworks, Los Comotosos will be opening for Ma Barley.

Chris Nemlowill
Fort George Brewery + Public House
1483 Duane St.
Astoria, OR 97103