2010 Mug Club

The 2010 Mug Club sales kick off on Tuesday, December 1, at 11am at the Fort George Brewery. 25 new mug numbers are available for sale, and existing members will be given the opportunity to renew their mug numbers for the next year. The price for the mugs are $85.00, and enables mug holders to get a 21.5 oz beer for the price of a pint, as well as be eligible to win in the monthly t-shirt drawing. The glass mugs have been imported from Germany this year, and each one is engraved with the Fort George logo and the mug holder's number. Numbers 151-175 are open to the public to buy; current members have until December 31 to renew their ownership. On January 1, 2010, all mugs not renewed will go for sale to the general public.
The Fort George Brewery is located at 1483 Duane St in Astoria, OR. Call 503-325-PINT for more information.


The Catillacs

Sunday, November 29th
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St. Astoria

The Catillacs are a great party band- they've got a fun, rockabilly vibe... yet it doesn't just stop there. They are rounded out by thoughtful lyrics and tasteful musical arrangements too. They're also one of the most professional and courteous bands out there. I love the Catillacs!
---Lisa Mann

The Catillacs are set to play the Fort George Brewery and Public House on Sunday, November 29th. They play a variety of vintage style American music including rockabilly, rock-n-roll classics, blues, & country.

The band was started in early '07 by singer/guitarist Richie "King Juju" Bean. It was conceived as a rockabilly trio, and included drummer Susan Costa and bassist George Burton. This lineup stayed solid and worked steadily, blossoming into a unit that could also cover blues, classic rock, classic country, oldies, and originals. They released the award winning CD "Meow Mix" in August of '08 and garnered radio play all over the US on indie stations and podcasts. Costa left the band a year later. The drum seat was passed to veteran Portland stickman Terry Smith. Keyboardist Leon Holder joined at the same time to complete the lineup.

Richie "King Juju" Bean is a veteran of the Portland blues scene for over 20 years. He played guitar and sung with Roseland Blues Band, Hudson Rocket, and the King Juju Trio. He plays lead, rhythm, acoustic, and slide guitars with his nails, preferring vintage instruments and small tube amps. Richie lives with his wife and daughter in La Center Washington.

George "Mr. Martini" Burton is the youngest member of the band, yet at 26 is often invited to jam with such luminaries as Jim Mesi, Steve Bradly, Curtis Salgado and many other major Portland bluesmen. George has studied bass and theory under journeyman bassist Timmer Blakely for many years and builds hotrods in his spare time. George plays a Fender Jazz Bass hand pinstriped by the famous striper Mitch Kim.The show starts at 8pm and there is no cover.

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Sunday, November 22nd
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

The Doseywallips will bring their three piece band to the Fort George Brewery and Public House on Sunday, November 22nd. After the original lineup imploded in 1998, members were scattered about the greater Seattle area and as far as the suburban wastelands of Ohio. Mr. Rogers, guitarists for the Doseywallips, wandered aimlessly for a decade, biding his time until, in the spring of 2008 the stars aligned, and reunification was at hand. With Robert McConaughy back at his rightful place behind the kit, and the addition of Pete Pearson in command of low end duties, Mr. Rogers took the helm to steer an unwavering course on a mission to deliver a barrage of garage pop sounds to all. The music starts at 8pm and is free of charge.


Brownsmead Flats & Brownsmead Calendar Release Party

Thursday, November 19th
6:00pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

Spend your Thursday evening enjoying live music by the Brownsmead Flats at the Brownsmead Calendar release party at the Fort George Brewery and Public House on November 19th. The history of the Brownsmead calendar goes way back. It involves the multi-generational history of the famed 'Brownsmead boys', as well references to geography and time. Geographically 'way back' has been identified as half-way between Astoria and Clatskanie. To be clear, it must be said that geographically the Brownsmead calendar has a connection to the community of Brownsmead. The Brownsmead Boys hold to the premise that Brownsmead is the center of the universe! To clarify, while the sun may be the center of the solar system, it is a closely guarded secret that, in fact, Brownsmead may actually be the center of the universe! Our solar system may be off center in the cosmos, so it remains a distinct reality that Brownsmead may be the actual center of the universe! But again to clarify things, we are not referring only to a geographical location, but also time in the usage of the reference of 'way back'.

In reference to time, 'way back' refers to the founding of what's known as the 'Brownsmead Boys". In 1967 or so, Ray Raihala designed a suitable logo for T-shirts and sweatshirts. This was enough formality to recognize a semi-loose affiliation, for what has become known as the "Brownsmead Boys." Like any fraternal association the Brownsmead Boys aspire to the highest ideals. Far beyond the normal garden-variety fraternal ideals lies the greatest ideal, for the Brownsmead Boys this is the ideal of "having a good time", and so this ideal of "having a good time" is the glue that keeps the Brownsmead Boys together. While this may involve seemingly simple activities like waterskiing and drinking beer, that is only a scratch on the surface of the meaning of it all. Deep down inside in the heart and mind of a Brownsmead boy is a sophisticated amalgamation of good thoughts and intentions that are being meditated upon.

Fast forwarding through time and space, young Matti Raihala and young Dirk Rohne embarked upon the sacred rights of becoming a Brownsead Boy. Such rites of passage must be embarked and reflected upon, like jumping off the Blind Slough Bridge, for instance. Matti and Dirk used every opportunity and avenue of creativity a public school system could offer to express the greatness of Brownsmead and the adventures and experiences that could be found there. Having a separate geo-physical landscape and cultural heritage the village children in Knappa just didn't know what to make of the stories of the Brownsmead Boys. Some were amused, some were confused, and in time some became downright hostile when hearing about how fantastic Brownsmead really was. But the truth, no matter how inconvenient, remains.

And so, after travelling the world and verifying what we already knew, we verified the fact that Brownsmead in its own right must be some sort of world heritage site. But instead of a United Nations designation we have settled for a yearly calendar. So, the Brownsmead calendar was born. Every year, since 2001, Dirk has worked with whomever he could find to gather images of the past and present of Brownsmead, to share the goodness of Brownsmead, in the time honored tradition of the 'Brownsmead Boy'. It's also a fund-raiser for the Brownsmead Grange, now that's a nice touch. So join Brownsmead's premier folk band, the Brownsmead Flats on November 19th from 6-8pm at the Fort George for the 2010 Brownsmead Calendar release party! Just $15 dollars takes a Brownsmead Calendar home, with the proceeds going to help with the up-keep of the Brownsmead grange. Good music for a good cause, for a good 2010 Brownsmead Calendar!


Kites and Crows

Sunday, November 14th
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

Kites and Crows return to the Fort George Brewery and Public House on Sunday, November 14th at 8pm. Ashland, OR is home to the country's largest repertory theatre, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Within the large company's wealth of members, emerges an indie folk band called Kites & Crows. The name KITES & CROWS, actually, is inspired from the Oregon Shakepseare Festival's 2008 production of Coriolanus, where the recently banished battle hero is hiding out "...under the canopy...in the city of kites and crows..." He was joined by multi - instrumentalist ( accordion, banjo, mandolin, lapsteel) Jesse Baldwin in July 2008. The two musicians met at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where Mysha is a stagehand and Jesse is a lighting technician.

Kites and Crows toured the NW in the Fall of 2008 and upon returning to Ashland, they were joined by Bryan Helfrich ( from ONE HORSE SHY) on drums and Kabir Stanton on Bass. The troupe recently released a debut ep album called Passenger. With the image of a Columbia river sternwheeler on the cover, the songs display a sense of navigation, vintage images and a longing to be vividly sincere. Tour dates, music and more information can be found online at www.myspace.com/kitescrows

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Bruce Smith and Boda Boys

Sunday, Nov 8th
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St.

Southwest meets Northwest: Texas native Bruce Thomas Smith plays Original “Transplant Rock” (TM), You know, Guitar in the driver seat and a story teller in the back, top down, cruisin’ just below the speed-limit, open highway, and tons of fresh scenery. Bruce Smith brings his trio to the Fort George Brewery and Public House on Sunday, November 8th at 8pm.


Holiday Ale Brewer's Dinner

The Holiday Ale Brewer's Dinner will be on Wed. Nov. 11th. Below you can view the menu. All brewer's dinners will be held on the second Wednesday of every month and start at 6:00 P.M. $55.00 will buy you five courses of food with beer to match each course; this price includes gratuity. A $5.00 per person discount will apply for anyone who purchases two or more tickets and reservations are required. Call 503-325-PINT for reservations and more info.

Holiday Ale Dinner
Wednesday, November 11th 2009

Ham and Prawn Croquette
Alaskan Brewing Co. – Winter Spruce Tip Ale

Roasted Delicota Squash and Bell Peppers on a Bed of Spinach with a Balsamic Vinaigrette and Parmesan Cheese
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Celebration Ale

Yukon Gold and Parsnip Bisque with Creamed Leaks and a Blue Schorcher Crostini
Oakshire Brewing Co. – Ill Tempered Gnome

Horseradish Encrusted Maple Leaf Duck Breast with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Spinach and Reduction of Duck Stock with Cherries
Fort George Brewery – North III Tripple

Ginger, Pumpkin and Molasses Cheesecake
Bison Brewing Co. – Gingerbread Ale


North III Trippel

Belgian Style Trippel
Brewed strong, bold and sweet with honey malt and maple syrup, then fermented with our jolliest Belgian yeast this beer then rests in the bright tank with 60 pounds of finely chopped sugar plumbs until the elves can wait no more. The resulting elixir arrives onyx in hue with hints of oak and spice and a rich, complex cornucopia of cheer for your palate. This is a fruitcake that won't get tossed.
OG 1.084. TG 1.018. abv 8.8%.
I.H.U's (international holiday units) 99

The Blair Street Mugwumps

Sunday, Nov 1st
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

From Eugene, Oregon, The Blair St. Mugwumps are bringing their back porch stompin hokum jug band blues to Astoria.
They are self-described as “ruckussy, raunchy and rooted in the Southern dirt” musicians. On uke, banjo uke, banjo, jug-a-phone, duck call, harmonica, kazoo is Reverend Jazzbo Pappy Hamhock, on washboard, kazoo, whistlin is Jobydiah Grizwald "5 Ball" Hudson III, on musical saw and ukulele is Darlin Clementine, on resoponic guitar is Hollywood "Creamy" Sanchez and introducing on washtub bass, Imelda "Cookie" Lamour. The Blair Street Mugwumps are folding their tents after almost four years, lot's of hangovers and several changes in personnel, they are preparing for their final curtain call and the Fort George Brewery is second to last on their tour. Don't miss their playful stage presence and good old time blues this Sunday, Novemebr 1st. The show is at 8pm and there will be no cover.