Local supercharged rock n roll and outlaw-country band The Cowpokers will play
at the Fort George Brewery and Public House on Sunday, October 3rd at 8pm. There is no cover.


Super XX Man

Sunday, September 26th
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

Scott Garred started off his career as Super XX Man (pronounced "super double ex man") in the mid-'90s while still a member of the Austin, TX indie pop trio Silver Scooter, putting out a pair of self-released cassettes. Garred has since relocated to Portland, OR, continuing a steady stream of releases that have moved from home recorded four-track material to full fledged studio productions. Along the way, he has also turned Super XX Man into a bona fide band, that these days features his wife Michelle on accordion, singer Ali Wesley, Kelly Dachtler, and drummer Bob Ham.

Super XX was an old b&w film made by Kodak which Garred who called it “double x.” One day he received a letter from a friend in his former hometown of Pullman, WA, in which she said that she dreamed Garred had a heart attack. In his response, he performed live to a 4-track cassette player with the song “The Destroyer” which begins with the lyric “I dreamed I was Super XX Man flying over Texas.” That was the center piece on the self-titled 12-song cassette released in September, 1995. Garred's original goal was to release one cassette a year, not much thought being put into it otherwise, except always looking for the most efficient way to dub as many tapes as possible and give them to all the good people in life. He recorded everything using a dirty SM-58 microphone purchased on the street in Seattle during his first touring experience in college. It cost $35. He likes to believe it was used by Mudhoney.


Denali and the Demon Squirrel

Sunday, September 19th

8pm No Cover

Fort George Brewery

1483 Duane St.- Astoria

Denali and the Demon Squirrel was formed in early 2009 by two young Portland, Oregon songwriters: Denali Kennedy and Jesse Faxon-Mills. They began to play live shows constantly, from farmer's markets and coffee shops to larger stages, and they never slowed down. Both artists play guitar and sing, weaving layers of soul and their own musical wilderness through original folk rock songs. Instead of seeking to emulate their heroes, each next song writing move has been built upon a search for the perfect expression of sensation, emotion, and love. The power of their live show develops with percussive and playful guitar work, vocal delivery, and the subtle power of their lyrical content. Many of the songs are obviously haunted, but often hopeful at the same time, and some reveal a more mischievous, goofy side. This band is playing to give something real to their audience, to share the hard nights and the goodness, and spike it all with inspiration.


Hometown Show

September 5th
8pm No Cover
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

Hometown Show is one man, Matthew Harrison, who is bringing his Country Folk from England. Always Just Passin' Through (also the name of his latest EP and tour) singing songs about friends, family, familiar faces, places and fading memories. Harrison has received national airplay and toured extensively throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. Hometown Show has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with top international artists such as; Austin Lucas, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit, Josh Small, Lemuria, Mike Hale and Chris Murray. He will perform in Astoria at the Fort George Brewery and Public House on Sunday, September 5th from 8-10pm. There is no cover.