April's Brewer's Dinner on the 16th

Five homebrewers have been chosen to provide five different beers, which will be paired with different styles of food for a unique taste experience. They are: Dan Hamilton—Red ESB with Chicken-Fennel Apple Sausage; Chris Gustafson—Still Finnish Sahti with Lemongrass-Leek Soup; James Sullivan—Bourbon and Oak Aged Porter with Smoked Albacore Salad; James Bunnell—American Style IPA with Spicy Lamb Kabobs; Anthony De Luz—Bourbon and Oak Blended Stout with Dark Chocolate. Call to reserve your seat now! 325-PINT Tickets are $50 all-inclusive. Hope to see you there!


Welcome Amelia to the world!!

On April 1st Amelia Isis Nemlowill was born at 2:35 PM. She was 7lbs. 1 oz. and 21 inchs long. Both baby and mom are healthy and doing well. Congratulations Chris and Zetty. It's just a matter of time before Zetty can enjoy her first glass of our very special Coffeegirl Imperial Stout that she has been waiting so patiently for.