Sunday, July 12th
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St- Astoria

Chickweed, a Portland, OR based all women bluegrass band, performs acoustic music that is high energy, engaging and just plain fun. Their repertoire is rooted in tradition and features bluegrass standards plus raucous original tunes. Drawing on each musician's strengths, Chickweed blends vibrant and soulful vocal harmonies with robust instrumentation. Abby Downs is the band’s lead vocalist and guitar picker. Her raw lead and harmony vocals put the blues in bluegrass. Finn Fox gives Chickweed its signature sound with her lightning-fast mandolin playing. She also sings lead and harmony vocals. Patty Spencer adds rhythmic drive with her traditional, Scruggs-style banjo pickin’. Genavie Thomas uses her fiddle to add a fine mix of old time & bluegrass melodies, and adds an entertaining element to the band. Holly Wyman maintains the low end with a rock-solid bass line that helps keep it all together. The humorous and enthusiastic nature of Chickweed’s personalities is contagious. Always friendly and quick with a smile, the women of Chickweed are ready to rock!

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