Professor Gall

Sunday, March 7th
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

"Displaying influences as diverse as crazed klezmer, art rock, bluegrass, alternative folk, experimental jazz, and cow punk, Professor Gall's 'Intravenous Delusion' sounds like a roller coaster ride through some ragtag Gypsy carnival catering to the broken misfits of a smokey Mad Max world."
Scott Lewis, The Oregonian, PDX, OR

'Expert in all...master of none'. A mysterious, nefarious, and demur demeanor. Upfront dark satire, lurid absurdity and pseudo-psychological lesson plans. As a backdrop, a neo-traditional bent, culminated by a favorable twist on vintage sounds. Songs are filled with playfully sinister fiction-offered to the audience as fact...of course. Professor Gall seeks to uncover the contradictions of an ambiguous and native-less society, 'dreaming the existentialists' dream', while at the same time pleading for individualism, peace, and more fun at funerals.

The Portland, Oregon conglomerate consists of Drew Norman on vocals, guitar, and banjo, who conveys a ‘Top Hat’ stage persona and is responsible for the initial
musical and lyrical embellishments. He is also a ‘go to’ man hired for studio work and live shows for the likes of Jeff Hanson (Kill Rock Stars), Chris Robley’s Fear of Heights (Cutthroat Pop) and Will West (local roots troubadour). Chad Youngman, a long time musical cohort of Norman’s, provides stand-up bass, polytheistic vision, and conceptual lyrics, while Scott Johnston heads up the first chair position for the horn section, arranging charts and providing his saxophone
alchemy. Rounding out the ensemble is Monte Skillings on trombone, Tony ’rattlesnake’ Esperanza on drums, and Andrew Clarinet on the. ahem…clarinet.
Critical acclaim for their first full length CD ‘Intravenous Delusion’ has enabled Professor Gall to become a regional favorite, sharing the stage with semi-national/national acts like The Devil Makes Three, Eric McFadden Trio, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Billy Nayer Show, Vagabond Opera and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum at venues thought the West Coast as well as festivals like the Fremont Street Fair in Seattle, WA. The band is currently working on their upcoming sophomore release entitled ‘The Psychology of Booze and Guilt’. Some track titles include, ’Whiskey was the medicine to get me through another Christmas eve night’, and the confessional psalm, ‘I’m a Drunk’.

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