Shoeshine Blue

Sunday, August 29th
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

"As the music progresses, layers are added to the mix: shuffling drums, a touch of violin and winsome vocals by leader Michael Apinyakul and a variety of breathy female singers. By the end, they are overflowing with sound, often reaching a swelling but gentle crescendo toward conclusion."
--The Oregonian

Shoeshine Blue began years ago as a lo-fi literary blues act. Songwriter, Michael Apinyakul's uncanny abilities with a cassette 4-track earned him critical praise from both the press and studio engineers with the album, "Talk Real Slow". Since then, Shoeshine Blue has evolved into something else entirely. Falling somewhere between classical and blues, folk and gospel, old time and indie. As a solo act, Apinyakul displays a fast, dark, and emotive finger picking style, as if Mississippi John Hurt listened to The Melvins, but more often Shoeshine Blue consists of a larger lineup of violinist Shawn Mclain (Blind Pilot), bassist William Joersz (Nick Jaina, Run On Sentence), singer Ali Wesley (Super XX Man), and drummer John Vecchiarelli of more bands than I can count, plus his own wonderful songs. This bare bones combo produces wistful backdrops for lyrics full of political fervor, high romance, and heartland poetics.


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