David Matthew Daniels

Sunday, October 10th
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

"Out of the dark corners and dreary rain of Portland comes the folk-rocker guitarist/singer DAVID DANIELS.  Following in the deep and roughed-around-the-edges footprints of Morphine, John Prine, and Elliott Smith to name just a few of his countless influences, expect Daniels to put on a true and honest show not quickly forgotten or easily reproduced by others in the field today."                                                          
  -Noah Bernstein-Hanley  Camelia Lounge, Portland, OR

Not your typical singer/songwriter, David Matthew Daniels describes his music as "a country-punk-blues-and-roll-jazz-soul review" because his influences are as diverse as the genres he recreates. His music is true Americana: honest, soulful, heartfelt stories of love, loss, life, fighting the good fight, and hope, even in the darkest corners of the soul. With songs that are reminiscent of smoke filled dive bars to songs that remind us to find something worth fighting for, Daniels has a song for everyone who listens. 
Daniels words, his melodies, expect fully deserved waves of empathy. Throughout the caressing sounds of his guitar, knees buckle, with relief, and at the eloquence of each note from his piano. The listener is overtaken by the liquid fire of his voice, of his story.


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