Dramady w/ Rollerball

Sunday, November 7th
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

A night of double the fun is heading to the Fort George Brewery and Public House. Two North Pole Records bands Dramady and Rollerball will be heading up the night on Sunday, November 7th from 8 to 10pm. Dramady is a two piece rock band from Portland, OR. The band consists of Amanda Mason Wiles (Rollerball, Six Foot Sloth, The Pink Widower) on bass, vocals, clarinet, and saxophone, and Zac Stanley (Narwhal vs. Narwhal, Miss Massive Snowflake) on drums, vocals, and keyboards. The music is highly rhythmic danceable pop with groove laden dub bass and melodic horns. Zac is pretty amazing to watch live as he plays drums, keyboard, and sings all at once while the crowds dance the night away.

Rollerball are coming in their new incarnation of a trio. Depending who you ask and when you hear them, Rollerball can be many things. Pop band, gothic wavers, experimental noise jerks, groove dub spacers, or weirdos, but one thing holds dear, Rollerball never rests. They work hard and strive harder. Not concerned with sales or acclaim, Rollerball does what it does. They practice, they tour, and they push the limits of sound on every release. You can't get bored with their sound because it is morphing as you read this. After 14 albums, a clutch of eps and singles, countless compilation appearances, multiple European and American tours, Rollerball is still virtually unknown to many, and though they might wonder why, they don't dwell on it. They make more music and search for someone to release it. And so North Pole Records has come to the rescue. With their last two releases on Italian Avant Garde super label, Wallace, we thought it time to try to show the States what they have and should treasure. This is American music and this is a legendary band.

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