Andy Combs and the Moth 3/6

Sunday, March 6th
8pm No Cover

Andy Combs and the Moth will perform eccentric tunes at the Fort George Brewery and Public House on Sunday, March 6th at 8pm. The following is a great tale about the origins of Combs and the Moth. "From the misty mountains of Orgomus in the tiny village of Ashloppolinopoliston there echoed one day long ago the great beast of Gantramicus whose terrifying voice shook the emerald hills with a ancient chant of a hundred thousand demons and their broom filled clutches. The thunderous clammering was so great that it spun the green planet off of its axis and forced every dweller upon it into a deep confusing sleep that trapped them all inside a lute that had been clammered upon for ten years straight. The lutesman was a kind fellow but one that was strucken under an enchanting spell which was cast upon him by a strange and powerful wizard of the hills. So ten years before the howl of Gantramicus he began strumming thusly upon thedragon stringed six-lute and piping upon the french laden harp-o-blosticus singing songs of spiders and pielights, cereals anddesert lands, long winters and midnight suns."

"After years of carting about the western land with many other minstrels and pipers of the sort the lad found himself in the far anddistant lands of Colorogisbury, the very place he was born, where he had no chariot of woodsmen but only his lute and harp to sing to the kind folk of the land with. Soon he began to strum and clammer upon other instumapods as well such as the banjomaphone and the accordio-oggatron, plus many others. Two and one half yeermanons have past forth and the lad still plays from town to village and from village to town and back. Moving about in his octopus-car and secretly being followed everywhere by the mysterious moth! Now he resides in the emerald hills of Portapomagrofoliston where he met the amazing Sir Dustonatron of the 5th league and many others beginning the mighty quest into the firey planet sun."

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