Emma Hill

Sunday, January 31st
8pm No Cover
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

Emma Hill is a 21 year old singer songwriter living in Portland, Oregon. Emma began crafting her personal flavor of folk in the small Alaskan village she grew up in. After she moved to Palmer to go to High School, Emma quickly became a staple of the budding Alaskan music scene, bringing her rurally influenced stylings to Anchorage. Emma sang with the group Blackbird Productions and as half of the folk duo Pennies and Patches – garnering a large local recognition. In 2006 Pennies and Patches went on hiatus, and Emma found herself in Portland and began writing more personal solo material. In 2007 Emma recorded and released her first full length album “Just Me” on Kuskokwim records. “Just Me” showcased her wide vocal range as well as her eclectic musical taste while staying in the realm of folk/Americana. Emma toured extensively to support the album throughout the west coast as well as national tour. The album also received regular radio play on college and independent radio stations. “Just Me” reached #8 on the KRUA Anchorage album charts. In 2008 Emma recorded her second album “Clumsy Seduction”, which is scheduled for release in March 2009 on Kuskokwim.

Emma maintains her strong Folk/Americana roots while crafting beautiful stories and unbelievably catchy melodies. Emma has been commended for singing with a maturity beyond her years, on “Clumsy Seduction” she goes above and beyond; both in her voice and her songwriting. With full instrumenta- tion and her signature songwriting style, “Clumsy Seduction” is the culmination of an artist on the Brink. Emma has successfully come into her own, solidifying her status within the Folk community as an “Artist to Know” in 2009.

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