Autumn Electric

Sunday, June 27th
8pm No Cover
Fort George Brewery
1483 Duane St.-Astoria

Autumn Electric started playing soft dreamy folk music in November 2008. The band comprised Michael Trew, who sings, plays the guitar, flute and percussion and Naomi Smith on piano and vocals. They did a small tour of the west coast sleeping on floors and living off gas station coffee. Upon returning to Seattle they hit one of the worst snow storms Seattle ever saw. They hibernated and drank coffee from the food bank. In early 2009, they found Dan DesRosiers, who plays the drums and glockenspiel, and began exploring grunge roots. Autumn Electric then released a full album in July 2009 followed by a US tour in November. 2010 has seen the band exploring of much of the northwest as well as taking a foray into college radio. Naomi comes from a classical and jazz-oriented background. She met Michael while working in the University of Washington library of music and after a stint as bassist in Undercover Llamas. She then traveled to Alaska and Europe and has returned to the Northwest music scene. Michael has been borrowing his dad's records for years, liking mostly John Denver, The Moody Blues and Simon and Garfunkel. His voice teacher was Chandanna Dixit from India. He was mostly influenced from church hymns. Daniel DesRosiers hails from the East Coast and grew up on a mix of psychedelic rock and experimental recordings. You may know him from a project called Pink Robot.


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